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type: lecture
chair: IES
semester: Hauptdiplom
place: 0.34 Raum -118

Mi, 14:00-15:30

start: 23.10.2013

Dr. Alexey Pak

Course description

The course focuses on data representation and transformation techniques specific to 2D image data and their sequences (video data), and common correlations and statistics of such data, that enable efficient compression. Selected common compression algorithms and image processing applications are discussed in detail and evaluated from the viewpoint of information theory. The class complements the lecture "Automatische Sichtprüfung und Bildverarbeitung" offered by the IES Chair.

Inhalt der Vorlesung

Die Vorlesung befasst sich hauptsächlich mit Datenrepräsentations- und Transformationsmethoden, insbesondere für zweidimensionale Bilddaten und -sequenzen (Video).

Bewertungen der Vorlesung