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N.E.S.T. - Network Enabled Surveillance and Tracking



Alexander Bauer
Susanne Eckel
Thomas Emter
Astrid Laubenheimer
Eduardo Monari
Jürgen Moßgraber
Frank Reinert


Klaus Thoma (Hrsg.), Future Security: 3rd Security Research Conference, Fraunhofer IRB Verlag, 2008.




Future Security: 3rd Security Research Conference, Karlsruhe, 10.-11. September 2008

Due to the increasing public crime, industrial espionage and terrorism the need for advanced surveillance technology for prevention and criminal investigation increases more and more. Today's surveillance systems mainly focus on passive monitoring and video storage with human operators facing a large number of monitors, over a long period of time and trying to detect suspicious situations. In practice, this method is quite ineffective, because of the decreasing level of attention of humans after short time. In the research project N.E.S.T., the Fraunhofer IITB is working on advanced automated surveillance systems. The research activities focus on design and evaluation of new service-oriented system architectures able to provide expandability and upgradability for surveillance systems.