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Layoutmanager für automatisch erstellte Prozessführungsbilder mit Hilfe von Daten aus der Digitalen Fabrik



Miriam Schleipen
Klaus Schick
Olaf Sauer


Markus Rabe (Hrsg.), Advances in simulation for production and logistics applications, Fraunhofer IRB Verlag, 2008.




ASIM-Fachtagung "Simulation in Produktion und Logistik", Berlin, 1.-2. Oktober 2008

Today, control system engineering takes place at the end of the plant planning process. Potential planning errors are only recognized when the control system functionality is tested on the real plant. Plant or software changes result in adoptions of the control system. This occurs more and more often as shorter model cycles and a growing variant diversity claim higher flexibility and mutability of plants. The vision is a plant which can simply be linked to the process by 'plug-and-produce'. Therefore the 'future control system engineering process' has to be automated and simplified by means of a standardized data format and standardized communication mechanisms. Already existing data from different data sources such as the layout planning or simulation can then be used in the engineering process. This paper deals with the automatic generation of process visualization for ProVis.Visu® with data from digital factory tools and the planning process as well as the possibility to test control technology linked to the Digital Factory and the resulting possible backflow for Digital Factory optimization.