AMROS - an Autonomous Mobile Robotic System for Multisensor Surveillance of Real Estate

Conference paper


Thomas Emter
E. Monari
C. Frey
T. Müller
H.-B. Kuntze
A. Laubenheimer
M. Müller


Jürgen Beyerer (ed.), Future Security, Universitätsverlag Karlsruhe, 2007.




Future Security - 2nd Security Research Conference Karlsruhe, September 12 - 14, 2007

Multisensor service robots operating in indoor and outdoor environments of endangered public and industrial objects (e.g. stadiums, waterworks, power plants, chemical facilities, etc.) are able to make an essential contribution to combating terrorist and criminal threats. More efficient and reliable than human guards, robots have the ability to patrol nearly autonomously, detect and diagnose suspicious situations automatically and execute adequate protection measures. The AMROS (Autonomous Mobile Robots for Security Applications) system, developed at the Fraunhofer Institute IITB, is an autonomous mobile robotic system for multisensoric outdoor surveillance of real estates. The AMROS system concept will be presented in this paper.