Team AnnieWAY Technical System Description

Sören Kammel
Benjamin Pitzer
Stefan Vacek
Joachim Schröder
Christian Frese
Moritz Werling
Matthias Goebl


DARPA Urban Challenge Technical Paper, 2007.

The members of Team AnnieWAY have developed an autonomous vehicle capable of driving through urban scenarios. The vehicle of Team AnnieWAY is based on a VW Passat that has a drive-by-wire system, sensors like stereo vision and lidar, and a two level computing system: A main computer for sensor signal processing, situation assessment and behavior generation and a second computer dedicated to low-level control. A human-like understanding of the surrounding traffic scene is a key element to fulfill the requirements of the Urban Challenge. Therefore, the sensor data is transformed into an abstract and holistic scene representation. Probabilistic reasoning algorithms are applied subsequently which yield the recommended behavior for the given situation and traffic regulations.