Multi-Sensor Surveillance of Real Estates based on Mobile Robots

Conference paper


Thomas Emter
Christian Frey
Helge-Björn Kuntze


Robotik 2008, VDI-Berichte Nr. 2012, VDI-Verlag, 2008.




Robotik, München, June 11 - 12, 2008

Multi sensor service robots operating in indoor and outdoor environments of endangered public and industrial objects (e.g. stadiums, waterworks, power plants, chemical facilities, etc.) are able to make an essential contribution to cope with terroristic and criminal threats. Being more efficient and reliable than human guards in certain domains, robots have the ability to patrol nearly autonomously, detect and diagnose suspicious situations automatically and execute adequate protection measures.

Whereas powerful robotic systems for the inspection of predominantly clearly structured indoor environments are already commercially available, for the autonomous surveillance of far more complex, highly varying outdoor environments there is a considerable need for development. These are still dominated by stationary video based technologies, which are not very potent in areas susceptible to occlusion by objects.

The AMROS (Autonomous Mobile Robots for Security Applications) system, a multi-sensor security and surveillance concept for outdoor inspection based on mobile robots developed at the Fraunhofer IITB is an effective alternative. The feasibility and capability of the prototypically implemented AMROS system concept will be presented in this paper.