Region-Based Registration of Combined Stereo and Spectral Series

Journal paper


Ioana Gheţa
Sebastian Höfer
Michael Heizmann
Jürgen Beyerer


tm - Technisches Messen 78 no. 9, Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, September 2011.



The fast acquisition of heterogeneous information about a scene can be approached by image series with more than one varied parameter, also referred to as combined image series acquired with camera arrays. Examples of such series are combined stereo and spectral series which contain both spatial and spectral information about the scene. We propose in this contribution a new region-based registration method for evaluating the stereo effect in such combined image series. The images are first segmented and then features of the resulting regions are extracted. The features mainly describe edges of the regions and are used to determine correspondences between one or several regions. Energy functionals are employed to model the registration problem. The solution is found by minimizing the energy functional by means of a modified graph-cuts algorithm. Examples are presented to visualize the methods proposed.