Plug&Produce by Modelling Skills and Service-Oriented Orchestration of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

Journal paper


Julius Pfrommer
Denis Stogl
Kiril Aleksandrov
Stefan Escaida Navarro
Björn Hein
Jürgen Beyerer


at Automatisierungstechnik 10 no. 63, De Gruyter, 2015.

Shortening product lifecycles and small lot sizes require manufacturing systems to adapt increasingly fast. Many existing machine tools, handling and logistics systems provide a generic functionality that is not bound to a specific product. But this flexibility and reconfigurability on the level of individual resources is lost in automated systems that are limited to the production of a fixed set of product variants. We propose a unified abstraction for the skills provided by the available resources and the product-specific manufacturing requirements. From these high-level descriptions, executable manufacturing procedures are derived, exposed as services and dynamically orchestrated at runtime in order to achieve the manufacturing goals.