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Efficient Nonlinear Measurement Updating based on Gaussian Mixture Approximation of Conditional Densities



Marco F. Huber
Dietrich Brunn
Uwe D. Hanebeck


Proceedings of the 2007 American Control Conference (ACC), Juli 2007.



Filtering or measurement updating for nonlinear stochastic dynamic systems requires approximate calculations, since an exact solution is impossible to obtain in general. We propose a Gaussian mixture approximation of the conditional density, which allows performing measurement updating in closed form. The conditional density is a probabilistic representation of the nonlinear system and depends on the random variable of the measurement given the system state. Unlike the likelihood, the conditional density is independent of actual measurements, which permits determining its approximation off-line. By treating the approximation task as an optimization problem, we use progressive processing to achieve high quality results. Once having calculated the conditional density, the likelihood can be determined on-line, which, in turn, offers an efficient approximate filter step. As result, a Gaussian mixture representation of the posterior density is obtained. The exponential growth of Gaussian mixture components resulting from repeated filtering is avoided implicitly by the prediction step using the proposed techniques.