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Digital Map & Situation Surface: A Team-oriented Multi-Display Workspace for Network Enabled Situation Analysis



Elisabeth Peinsipp-Byma
Jürgen Geisler
Thomas Bader


John Thomas, Daniel Desjardins (Hrsg.), Display Technologies and Applications for Defense, Security, and Avionics III, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 7327, 2009.


SPIE Defense, Security + Sensing: Display Technologies and Applications for Defense, Security, and Avionics III, Orlando, USA, 16.-17. April 2009

System concepts for network enabled image-based ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) is the major mission of Fraunhofer IITB's applied research in the area of defence and security solutions. For the TechDemo08 as part of the NATO CNAD POW Defence against terrorism Fraunhofer IITB advanced a new multi display concept to handle the shear amount and high complexity of ISR data acquired by networked, distributed surveillance systems with the objective to support the generation of a common situation picture. Amount and Complexity of ISR data demands an innovative man-machine interface concept for humans to deal with it. The IITB's concept is the Digital Map & Situation Surface. This concept offers to the user a coherent multi display environment combining a horizontal surface for the situation overview from the bird's eye view, an attached vertical display for collateral information and so-called foveatablets as personalized magic lenses in order to obtain high resolved and role-specific information about a focused area-of-interest and to interact with it. In the context of TechDemo08 the Digital Map & Situation Surface served as workspace for team-based situation visualization and analysis. Multiple sea- and landside surveillance components were connected to the system.