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A Framework for Analyzing Natural Gaze Behavior in Dynamic Environments

Technischer Bericht


Thomas Bader


Technischer Bericht IES-2009-06. In: Jürgen Beyerer, Marco Huber (Hrsg.), Proceedings of the 2009 Joint Workshop of Fraunhofer IOSB and Institute for Anthropomatics, Vision and Fusion Laboratory, KIT Scientific Publishing, 2009.



Gaze data contains valuable information about user's cognitive processes during execution of a task. In order to use this information, e.g., for studying user's strategies or for designing new gaze-based interaction techniques for HCI, gaze data needs to be aligned with the task executed by the user.

In this paper we propose a novel framework based on the theory of Markov Decision Processes for putting gaze data into context, allowing for automated interpretation of gaze position and movement with respect to the task performed by the user. The model can be used for offline analysis of gaze data, e.g., for studying gaze behavior, as well as for online interpretation for realizing new interaction techniques. We evaluate the proposed model with an indirect object manipulation task and demonstrate how it can be used for intention recognition and/or detection of a mismatch between the mental model build by the user and the real system.