Shape from Specular Reflection - Remarks on Shape Reconstruction and Experimental Design

Technischer Bericht


Stefan Werling


Technischer Bericht IES-2009-10. In: Jürgen Beyerer, Marco Huber (Hrsg.), Proceedings of the 2009 Joint Workshop of Fraunhofer IOSB and Institute for Anthropomatics, Vision and Fusion Laboratory, KIT Scientific Publishing, 2009.



The main principle of shape from specular surface acquisition is to use a highly controllable environment, where a screen on which a well-defined pattern is presented is observed via the specular reflecting surface. Knowing that pattern, it is possible - at least with certain additional knowledge - to reconstruct the surface under test. In this paper, we discuss two aspects of this principle: first, a new iterative algorithm for shape reconstruction using surface normal data is introduced, and second, some rules of thumb for the experimental design of inspection systems are derived from the investigation of the normal field induced by measurement.