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A concept for interactive assistant systems for multi-user engineering based on AutomationML



Miriam Schleipen
Thomas Bader


Proceedings of CAPE Conference, 2010.


21st International Computer-Aided Production Engineering Conference (CAPE 2010), Edinburgh, 13.-14. April 2010

The growing number of product variants, shorter product lifecycles and increasing cost pressure lead to the need to improve efficiency in production engineering. Today, collaboration between the different disciplines and domains involved in the plant planning process is not sufficiently supported by the heterogeneous tool landscape. In order to achieve efficient cross-domain engineering, two areas are of paramount importance: system interoperability and human-computer interaction. While system interoperability leads to a semi-automated engineering, new concepts for computer supported collaboration allow for efficient interpersonal and interdisciplinary coordination during this process. In order to use the full potential of both areas for designing future engineering solutions the problem needs to be addressed by interdisciplinary research projects. As a first step into this direction the authors propose a holistic concept for multi-user engineering consisting of an integrated data model (AutomationML), an appropriate assistant system and interactive engineering environment for supporting interpersonal and interdisciplinary collaboration.