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(Semi-)Analytic Gaussian Mixture Filter



Marco F. Huber
Frederik Beutler
Uwe D. Hanebeck


Proceedings of the 18th IFAC World Congress, 2011.


18th IFAC World Congress, Milano, Italy, 28. August - 2. September 2011

In nonlinear filtering, special types of Gaussian mixture filters are a straightforward extension of Gaussian filters, where linearizing the system model is performed individually for each Gaussian component. In this paper, two novel types of linearization are combined with Gaussian mixture filters. The first linearization is called analytic stochastic linearization, where the linearization is performed analytically and exactly, i.e., without Taylor-series expansion or approximate sample-based density representation. In cases where a full analytical linearization is not possible, the second approach decomposes the nonlinear system into a set of nonlinear subsystems that are conditionally integrable in closed form. These approaches are more accurate than fully applying classical linearization.