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Pattern coding strategies for deflectometric measurement systems



Sebastian Höfer
Masoud Roschani
Stefan Werling


Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8791, Videometrics, Range Imaging, and Applications XII; and Automated Visual Inspection, 2013.


Optical Metrology 2013, München, Deutschland, 13.-16. Mai 2013

In this paper we assess the impact of different error sources on the deflectometric measurement. We provide an overview of previous work in this field and fill the gaps to provide a unified measurement model. The focus is on the parameters of a deflectometric setup with the objective to give practice-oriented guidelines for optimizing the deflectometric data acquisition. We will differentiate between systematic error sources which can be anticipated and compensated for and errors which are intrinsic to the deflectometric measurement method itself. In the later case possible trade-offs between parameters are highlighted to enable the optimization of a setup to a specific application.