AgriApps – An App-based Solution for Field-Robot-Based Agriculture

Conference paper


Christian Frese
Christian Frey
Felix Meßmer
Kai Pfeiffer
Slawomir Sander
Daniel Di Marco
Maximilian Wenger
Amos Albert
Manuel Wopfner
Alexander Burkhardt
Siegfried Hochdorfer
Matthias Bittner
Johannes Bosch
Matthias Strobel


Conference Agricultural Engineering 2015: Innovations in agricultural engineering for efficient farming, VDI-Berichte, vol. 2251, Max-Eyth-Gesellschaft für Agrartechnik, VDI Verlag, 2015.




73rd International Conference on Agricultural Engineering (LAND.TECHNIK AgEng 2015), Hannover, November 6 - 7, 2015

Today agriculture has to deal with an increasing cost pressure. Innovative Field-Robot-Based solutions can help to handle this challenge. Until now, such systems are not profitable and technically mature for commercial use. In the project AgriApps these issues are addressed. An application based system is developed where a carrier platform can be equipped with different apps. This allows the usage of the system throughout the year to handle different tasks. Thus such a system is profitable for end users. To evaluate the developed concepts. an app for mechanical weed control in special cultures was developed. It consists of a multi-sensor setup for plants and weed detection and a manipulator for digging the soil around the plants. This not only removes the weed but also provides better water absorption for the plants. The app is finally tested on the BoniRob platform, which is the reference platform in this project.

A novelty and major contribution of the project is the general definition and specification of the interface between robot and the apps, which covers mechanical and electrical issues as well as the information flow, static and dynamic working area descriptions and energy demand management. The general approach of the interface specification is not limited on robotics, especially it can be transferred to working implements on mobile machinery.