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Ding Luo, M.Sc.
Building: 7.21
Phone: +49 721 6091 389
ding luoIuz5∂kit edu
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – KIT
Vision and Fusion Laboratory (IES)
Prof. Dr.- Ing. Jürgen Beyerer
c/o Technologiefabrik
Haid-und-Neu-Str. 7
76131 Karlsruhe

Ding Luo received his master degree in Optics and Photonics from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2014 and his bachelor degree in Information Engineering from Department of Optical Engineering, Zhejiang University in 2012. Since January 2015, he has joined IES as a scientific staff and has been working towards a PhD degree. He is currently working on adaptive chromatic measurement system.

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