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Reflectance Modeling in Machine Vision: Applications in Image Analysis and Synthesis

Book chapter


Robin Gruna
Stephan Irgenfried


Fabio Solari, Manuela Chessa, Silvio Sabatini (eds.), Machine Vision - Applications and Systems, InTech, March 2012.





Taking images of objects under different illumination and viewing directions and analyzing them has long been an active research area in both machine vision and computer graphics. While computer graphics aims to synthesize realistic images from abstract scene descriptions, machine vision is concerned with the problem of deducing properties of a scene based on its interaction with light. For this reason, many algorithms from both disciplines rely on an accurate measurement and modeling of how light reflects off surfaces in a physically correct way.

In this chapter we show how machine vision for automated visual inspection can greatly benefit from reflectance measuring and modeling in the context of image analysis and synthesis.